He Kills, She Kills

Topics: Mother, Rage Against the Machine, Mind Pages: 5 (2086 words) Published: December 9, 2012
Carolyn Wilbon
November 7th 2012
Narrative Essay
6th Period
Ms. Tuck

He Kills, She Kills

She knew he was hiding something, but she just didn’t know what it was. She tried her best to figure it out but she couldn’t put her finger on it. Macy looked at her husband in worry. It seemed like something was wrong, but she would ask him when the time was right. Macy is 35 years old with two adorable kids. The oldest, Naveah, is eight years old. The youngest, Brian, is five; However, the man Macy is married to is not their biological father. The biological father of the two kids cheated on Macy with another woman and later filed for divorce. Macy had went through a slight depression, but then she met Austin. He’s the guy who helped her through the divorce, became her best friend through it all, and eventually swept her off of her feet. Macy fell in love and eventually they got married. Little does she know what kind of man her husband really is.

Macy decided to throw a birthday party for Brian since he was turning six in a couple of days. Macy is looking for Austin and finds him sitting down just staring at Brian in disgust. Austin looked as if he couldn’t stand him! When Austin first met the kids, Brian had really taken a liking to him. When Austin would leave, Brian would always ask “Where is Austin?” So did Naveah. She really took a liking to Austin also. She thinks of him as a second father, but lately it seems as if the kids have been getting on his nerves. Thoughts crossed Macy’s mind as she looked at Austin as he looked at Brian in disgust. She told herself she would later ask Austin what was wrong with him.

After everybody left the party Macy asked Austin “Honey, what was wrong with you at the party today? I noticed you were looking at Brian as if he had did something to make you mad.” Even as Macy asked Austin the question, he still had the same look from the party. Austin said with a smile, “Nothing sweetie. I’ve just been tired lately and need to get some rest.” He came and kissed Macy on the forehead and said, “There’s nothing to worry about babe,” as he walked out of the kitchen. As she heard him going up the stairs she still stood in the kitchen. Macy could tell by the look on Austin’s face that he was lying. She didn’t know exactly what the problem was but she knew there was one, but she couldn’t exactly put her finger on it; but as she thought about it, he had been acting a little strange lately. Austin had been staying out more late than usual, his attitudes toward the kids were different, and it seemed like they were growing father apart. Macy walked out of the kitchen and made her way up the stairs. She thought to herself maybe things will eventually get better.

Macy woke up the next day and noticed that Austin was not beside her. She thought maybe he went out for a run or something. So, she got up and decided to do her daily duties. First, she wanted to check and see if the kids had gotten up. She went into Brian’s room first. “Brian, it’s time to wake up. Brian…… wake up. Brian?” Macy pulled the covers back and noticed that he wasn’t lying there. She thought maybe that he had already woke up and went to the bathroom. Macy made her way into Naveah’s room and noticed she wasn’t in her bed either. “Naveah? Brian? Guys if your playing hide and seek this isn’t funny!” There was still no reply from neither one of the kids. Macy looked in the bathroom to find neither one of her kids. She rushed down the stairs in panic calling out her kids name. A thought had crossed her mind; Austin was no where to be found either. She thought that maybe he took them out for breakfast or something. If he did take them out, then why didn’t he leave a note, wake her up, or even call? Macy picked up the cordless phone and dialed Austin’s cell. It rang, and rang, and rang. No answer. She dialed the number again and the phone just rang with no answer. Macy dialed the number a third time and then it went straight...
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