He Importance of Honesty in the Business World

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The Importance of Honesty in the Business World
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Honesty in the business world is something that is automatically expected from society in general. Unfortunately, this expectation has often not been met in one way or another, leading to the collapse of once well-established and reputable organizations and the rise of skepticism and distrust from stakeholders who have been affected as a result of that. Differing cultural values and declining ethical standards have contributed to the widespread scandals related to dishonest practices in the business world in the last few decades, forcing organizations and individuals to take a closer look at their codes of ethics. A combined effort and commitment to restore honesty in the business world from both organizations and employees is the only solution to this major problem.

The Importance of Honesty in the Business World
The business world has recently been plagued with negative news and demoralizing events that have almost tarnished the definition of the word “business.” Illegal and dishonest activities resulting in well-publicized scandals by well-known organizations such as Arthur Anderson and Enron have greatly contributed to the public’s skepticism about business in general, making one wonder if such practices are inherently part of doing business (Grudem, 2003, p. 11). Honesty in the business world must not be an option that one can choose at his or her own discretion, but rather a requirement that demands closer scrutiny. Honesty in the Interviewing and Hiring Process

Honesty in business practices is required in all aspects of business relationships. This is something that managers and supervisors must always keep in mind, even during the interviewing and hiring process, as biased and preconceived ideas may lead to decisions that may not pass the litmus test of honesty. Evans (2009) explains that the job interview is one of the most important steps in the hiring process. Because of that, it is critical that the job requirements and expectations be clearly and honestly outlined and a timeframe for the hiring process be established. She suggests that a telephone interview be conducted before scheduling a candidate for a face-to-face interview. During the telephone interview, the candidate’s experience related to the job and his or her salary expectations for the position should be asked. She explains that this is important to ensure that the candidate does not have unrealistic expectations, in case he or she indicates a higher salary than what the organization is willing to pay or that the candidate’s work experience does not meet the company’s expectations. She adds that it is not fair to the candidate, and productive to the organization, to go through all the steps of the interviewing process only to determine at the end that the company cannot meet the candidate’s salary expectation. Instead of wasting the applicant’s and the manager’s time, he or she should honestly explain to the candidate that the organization is not able to meet his or her desired salary expectation. (p. 10). Evans (2009) further explains that the entire interviewing process must be conduct in a very honest and transparent manner. While it is important to inform the candidate of the benefits the organization has to offer, it is also equally important to inform the candidate of any possible negative aspects of the position, such as traveling or overtime requirements. If the candidate is still interested in the position and the interviewer sees that the candidate has the required skills and experience, a face-to-face interview should then be scheduled (p. 10). Another aspect of the interviewing and hiring process that must be considered is the interviewer’s bias against candidates based on their age, race, ethnicity, or any...

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