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Topics: Leadership, Management, Human resource management Pages: 5 (1164 words) Published: February 27, 2013
HCM 371
Exam 2 Review
Spring 2013

* The exam will consist of multiple choice, essay, and short answer questions. * There will be 20-30 multiple choice, 2-5 short answer, and 1-2 essay questions on the exam

Chapter 5:
1. What are the differences between the functional, divisional, matrix, parallel, and modular forms? * Functional-organizes departments and positions according to the functions workers perform and the abilities they use. * Divisional-organizes departments and positions to focus on a particular group of customers or services. * Matrix-combines the functional and divisional organization forms to obtain advantages of both forms. * Parallel-starts with a functional structure to produce the routines work and then adds a parallel structure to organize for multidepartment approaches to solving complex problems. * Modular-outsources much work to other organizations and connects them with contracts and electronic information systems. 2. How can contract workers create conflicts within an HSO? They can leave at any time, bad morale/attitude, may not do what’s told/abide by rules, may not be fit, don’t work for the HC organization, coordination between departments of sharing a worker. Potential Essay or Short Answer Questions:

3. What are one advantage and one disadvantage of each of the organizational forms? Advantage Disadvantage
* Functional- Efficiency and cost control Slow decision making * Divisional- Better customer satisfaction Inefficiency due to more staff and expenses * Matrix- Efficient use of staff improving customer sat. Workers may become confused and stressed * Parallel-Better performance Staff spend more time in meetings * Modular- Fast start up of a new organization Risk of failure if outsource partner fails 4. How do you manage/control physician behavior?

Autonomy, offer parking lot, more staff, onsite office, make job more appealing

Chapter 6:
5. What is the difference between a team, group, and committee? * Group-social interaction between two or more people in stable arrangement with common goals or interests and who perceive themselves as a group. * Team-special group with specific complementary abilities and shared accountability for goal achievement * Committee- formal group established with official purpose, charge, or mandate and linked to the organization hierarchy to which it reports and which is accountable for its charge. 6. What are some of the benefits of using a team, group, or committee? 84 * Group-Enable workers to grow, try new roles, and develop professionally; combine and coordinate work

7. What are the four characteristics of a committee?
* Some have line authority to make decisions; some lack authority and only recommend * Some exist within a single department, but many involve multiple departments * They exist at all levels of hierarchy from the board of directors on down * They may be permanent (standing) for ongoing work, or they may be temporary (ad hoc) for specific one-time work. 8. What is groupthink? Groupthink- the tendency of a group to quickly make decisions without much thought about diverse ideas; usually done to maintain harmony Potential Essay or Short Answer Questions:

9. Does the term team, group, or committee impact the importance of the purpose of the team, group, or committee? Why or why not?

Chapter 7:
10. Know the seven HR processes and the definition of each. * Staff Planning-assessing staffing needs and planning to ensure needed workers. * Hiring-Recruiting and selecting workers for jobs, which may include reassigning existing workers by promotion or transfer * Training and development- Teaching, education,...
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