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have parents given too much freedom to their child

By arham11 Apr 22, 2014 519 Words
Sir/Madam, first of all, I’d like to briefly define and introduce the topic. It means, in this post-modern capitalist human society, attitude of extreme liberalization has led parents lavish too much liberty, blank check and affection on their children which have proved dangerous in each and every aspect. I 100% agree with this statement. This freedom is multifaceted and begins at home as making negative use of the liberty of expression and action, children are allowed to say and do whatever they like. Then the very freedom penetrates schools and the concept of “Maar Nahin Piyar” is overemphasized. Moreover, rich and busy parents promote habits of extravagancies among their children by giving free rein over the use of money. Mr. /Ms. President, I am not against this freedom; I am only concerned with its evil aspects in the long run. The world we live in is not a paradise, so this many-sided freedom eventually gives birth to multifarious evils which later on become impossible to be eradicated. Children constitute an age group of human society characterized by immaturity lacking awareness and experience. They are like iron in the molten state which, if left free, will flow in any direction and will result in a useless rather troublesome shape. So, children need intense care and control for their result-oriented moulding. Mr. /Ms. President, everything in the universe is bound by limits which are set by Allah as “Tilka Hu-du-dullah-hey” meaning “These are the limits set by Allah”. Nature and natural law are based on the principle of moderation. In case of humans, this moderation has to be enforced by the use of force because man by nature is hasty and contentious. So, this moderation in the children can only be ensured by parental control. Mr. /Ms. President, the children given free hand usually keep bad companies and adopt smoking, drug addiction, alcoholism, gambling and get indulged in robbery, thievery, dacoity, murder, assassination and other nefarious social evils and crimes like suicide bombing. That is why our Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad PBUH said, “Parents must always keep a stick for check and control over their children”. As an obvious and direct consequence of extra-freedom and unrestrained liberty, our new generation is rebellious, rude, void of spirituality and blindly pursues materialistic approach. As a result, ever increasing desires and over necessitation of survival facilities by children, create everyday a new headache, anxiety and an insolvable problem which makes the parents’ lives unbearable. Now, with the permission of Mr. President, I’d like to express my conclusive remarks. As a matter of routine experience and according to the findings of various global surveys, children’s misconduct and their evil habits are caused either by too much restraint or too much freedom. Such unruly, rebellious and trouble making children instead of being a divine blessing prove to be a curse not only for their parents but also their kith & kin, neighbors, society, nation and even international community. In short, love alone can do nothing; “love” and “law” should go side by side. Love proves to be beneficial only if accompanied by due restraint.

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