Haunted Wisconsin

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All houses are haunted; all persons are haunted; throngs of spirits follow us everywhere, we are never alone. Every county has they own haunted places some more known than others. I will take you on an adventure though Wisconsin’s past and present gulls and goblins that will sure give you a new look on Wisconsin. The haunted places in Wisconsin are worth learning about.

Do you know what the closet haunted places to you are? The closet haunted places are in Weyauwega, Marsh Road. There are actually two haunted roads by the name of Marsh Road in Weyauwega (Haunted Places in Wisconsin 29). There is one where I live stretching from highway 54 to White Lake Road, which is the road I live on, and there is one near highway ten just off of Evanswood road which is a dead end (Haunted Places in Wisconsin 29). Both of these roads are unmarked, which means that they don’t have any street signs. The first Marsh Road I am going to talk about is the one off of Evanswood Road (Haunted Places in Wisconsin 29). Legend says that in the 1960s and 1970s there was a “Make-out Couch”, and on the night after prom there was a couple that was on the couch late that night and it is said that a man, in which they call the Goatman, killed them and left there remains still on the couch (Haunted Places in Wisconsin 29). Also another myth is that if you stop your car on the bridge of marsh road that your car will not start back up. Many people have said that they have seen the couple’s ghosts. Other paranormal activities include orbs found in pictures from studies that have been conducted on the road (Haunted Places in Wisconsin 29). Also many people say that if you drive down the road one way and come back road’s length is dramatically different (Haunted Places in Wisconsin 29). On the other side of Weyauwega is the different Marsh Road. Legends of this road include another prom story. On prom night a girl’s date stood her up and she was so upset that she hung herself that night and she was found the next day. One of my favorite myths of Marsh Road is that Ed Gein would dump the remains of his victims in the marshes on the side of the road because the marsh would suck the bodies up and they say that the victims haunt Marsh Road to this day. Other places near use that are haunted include Simpsons’ restaurant in Waupaca where customers and employees say they have seen a ghost walking around, but they say that the ghost is not hurting anyone it just likes his presents known (Haunted Places in Wisconsin 28). The next haunted places closet to Weyauwega is Readfield Cemetery. It’s not the whole cemetery it’s just one grave that is haunted by the spirit under it, it supposedly is never in the same spot and every full moon the marble ball on top of the headstone turns (Haunted Places in Wisconsin 23). There are a lot of haunted places near us but there are a lot more up north. A night in the north can be a very fright filled night. Many cities up north are haunted but I’m only going to focus on the more well known cities. The Apostle Island may not be a city but I think the haunted place there are something to talk about (Norman & Scott 70). Before white people came to Wisconsin, Indians were forced from their homes on the St. Lawrence River so they had to settle on the Apostle Islands, but soon the island got too populated (Norman & Scott 70). People got sick which lead to death and the men couldn’t get enough food (Norman & Scott 70). As a result of not have enough food the elders of the tribe resorted to cannibalism (Norman & Scott 70). Young maidens and children were chosen and offered as sacrifice, but the population rebelled against the idea after time and the old leaders were executed (Norman & Scott 70). Legends say that the women and children that were use as sacrifices rise from the dead and haunt near the place they were killed (Norman & Scott 70). After this time most of the Indians left Madeline Island, which is an island apart of the Apostle...

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