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Hatchet (mini essay)

Brian’s personality, when readers first met him shows that he is angry and sulky and has strained relationship with his mother. He also self-obsessed and selfish but is bright and intelligent and strong and determined. Throughout the book, we know that the word ‘secret’ are used by Brian. When Brian mentions the word ‘secret’ he feels angry and sulky that had happened during his personal life. We already know that the ‘secret’ was relating to his parents being divorced. The divorce stroke Brian with attention, the secret was revealed to him that divorce was the solution to Brian’s parents. Brian hated his mother more than his father. But then before the journey awaits him, he still misses his mother knowing that he can only go to his mother in school years. Before the journey has started, the pilot introduced himself to Brian’s mum and Brian. During the flight to the destination, Brian wanted to ask the pilot about something but then he forgot what was his name either it was Jake or Jim. Brian also wasn’t interested in others. Brian is self-obsessed by how he constantly repeating the word secret. When the pilot had heart attack and passed away, Brian had to immediately find the solution to land the plane. There before him was a microphone that can contact for emergency. Luckily he successfully contacted but later on the signal became worse, unfortunately there was no signal to be found. Brian had to immediately find a way to land safely across the lake instead landing near the trees. While the plane was preparing to land, Brian called the radio call seventeen times repeatedly, this determines Brian if that the people could help him fly the plane. Although flying the plane would be difficult for Brian, he knew that he needs to survive to fly the plane. This book ‘Hatchet’ is a great example of a certain characters appealing its feelings towards the audience/readers.
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