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Operations Management

1. Description of inputs, transformations and outputs for the main process in Hasbro

There are five different kinds of inputs which are divided into two subcategories, the two categories are: transformed resources (which consists of materials, information and customers) and the second category is transforming resources (which consists of facilities and staff).

For Hasbro the transformed resources are for example cardboard for board games and fabric and plastic for their stuffed animal called ‘furby’. Another important resource is the information they have about customers’ wants and needs. This information is usually obtained by doing marketing research. The transforming resources, facilities and staff, speak for themselves, facilities are needed to design and produce the toys and games. The staff is there to design and produce the products. Of course there is also a part of their staff that is focused on the financial or the marketing part.

The transformations in Hasbro are mainly in producing the toys themselves.

Hasbro’s outputs consist of the toys and games they make and deliver to their customers, mainly via toy’s stores and web shops which are not owned by them.

2. Position your company on the spectrum of goods and services and explain why

Hasbro positioned itself as the innovator of toy industry. It wants to stand in front of the toy manufacturers. Hasbro engages to delight its global customers with innovative play and entertainment experiences, in a variety of forms and formats, anytime and anywhere. So, it has a wide variety of games, and entertainments to fulfill the needs from children to family, such as TRANSFORMERS and MONOPOLY. Hasbro aims to provide their customers a comprehensive entertainment experiences, it ranges from toys and games to television programming and etc. More interestingly, there is a smiling face under the...
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