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Harry Potter's Place in Canon

By callmeae Apr 16, 2013 257 Words
Baltazar, Eudice D.
ABE 3-2
Popular Literature
Reaction Paper
Prof. Joey Clutario
Harry Potter’s Place in Canonized Literature

I haven’t read any Harry Potter book or even watched any of the movies, so I am not the best person to judge if J.K. Rowling is worthy to recognized as a part of canonized literature. Based on the article, both J.K. Rowling and Roald Dhal and Enid Byron have similar characteristics when it comes to writing children’s books. All of them have inspired children all over the world to become readers, and this alone deserves recognition since we now live in a technological world where people would rather choose to face an electronic device than to read a hardbound book. But the time that these books are published should also be considered. Although the Harry Potter series has a cult-like following, I believe that this literature should stand the test of time.

I have nothing against the Harry Potter series, since I haven’t had the chance to read it critically, I’m still optimistic about the chance of this series on becoming a canon. The same goes with JRR Tolkien, the author of The Lord of The Rings series. He created a new world, new mythology, even a new language where his characters live in.

To conclude, it is hard to predict if the Harry Potter series would become a canonized literature in the future, there no telling if the future generations would still be able to relate to Harry’s journey. Time would tell.

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