Harley Davidson Inc. 2008: Thriving Through a Recession, Case 16

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Harley Davidson Inc. 2008: Thriving Through a Recession, Case 16
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November 13, 2011

Synopsis: Harley-Davidson is a 105 year old motorcycle manufacturer. William Harley and Arthur Davidson decided to design and build a motorcycle in 1901. By 1903, they had built and sold three motorcycles and in 1907, the Harley-Davidson Motor Company became incorporated. The company was acquired by AMF Inc in 1969, but the main focus was on short-term profits which inevitably sent consumers elsewhere and in 1981, Vaughn Beals lead a leveraged buyout to get Harley-Davidson out from under AMF. Under new management, the focus changed towards production and consumers. The research and development department picked up momentum and during the early 1990’s they decided to invest in Buell Motorcycle Company providing them entry into sport/performance motorcycle market. By 1996, the company decided to gear all of its attention to the motorcycle business. This meant eliminating the Transportation Vehicles segment which sold for about $105 million. 1997 brought significant changes internally and the launch of new products with the help of an intense procurement expert named Garry Berryman. James L. Ziemer worked for Harley-Davidson for 38 years before replacing CEO Jeffrey Bluestine when he retired in 2005. The Harley-Davidson name had been finding itself in places like Forbes “Company of the Year” and ranking on Business Week/Interbrand Annual Rankings Top 100 Global brands and on Fortune’s list for “Most Admired Companies.” By 2008, the recession was playing it toll and raising question about what was in store for the Harley-Davidson Company.
Brand Name: Harley-Davidson Suppliers
International dealerships Financial Capital
Buell Motorcycle Company Manufacturing Locations
H.O.G. & BRAG E-Commerce
Financial Services: HDFS Jane Magazine
Raw materials Innovation: CAD System, MAN System
Talented Managers: Ziemer,

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