Hamlet Motifs

Topics: Hamlet, Character, Protagonist Pages: 2 (530 words) Published: April 18, 2013
Desiree Brown
AP English 4
April 8, 2013

Shakespere Motifs
Shakespere uses these three motifs as a way to show us how to live and interact with one another, especially when we are to be loyal to our loved ones and the ones who are important to us. The theme of this entire play is revolved around loyalty. Hamlets mother was not loyal to his father. But many do not realize how much of an impact that is on his life. He soon starts to doubt every person in life, except for Horatio, who has stayed loyal to him during this entire time. And Hamlet thanks him for that, and keeps him dear to his heart.

The main motif that is continually stressed is loyalty. Every character either breaks it or makes it stronger. And through out the play we see how this affects Hamlet, how it changes his thinking little by little. We soon realize that it is to late to even hope that there is some good in everyody's hearts, towards the end of the play. Because now they are just looking out for themselves or planning on revenge for the fallen of the play. This helps the reader understand that the main character is having a hard time trying to figure out if everthing he knew was a lie, or if there really are some people out there that will be loyal to their loved ones and the important ones in their lives.

Apperance and reality helps point out how the characters keep all the lies behind closed doors, and how the put up the apperance so nobody will know the reality of what is going on. They do this so no body will know the truth. They try to keep up the apperance of normailty but it eventually gets to hard, to were it seeps through the cracks, and it starts to get noticable. So noticable that Hamlet starts to catch on, esecially when its pretty easy to see. The thing about keeping up an apperance is that if you do it for so long you soon start to believe it yourself. But since these characters within the play have enormous secrets to hide they have an ever harder time trying to...
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