Hamlet Essay

Topics: Marriage, Hamlet, Gertrude Pages: 3 (875 words) Published: June 19, 2013
Human relationships play a fundamental role in any text, having a significant impact and hold upon the perceptions of the audience. Intense human relationships provide the foundations for the most powerful bonds and provide the framework for a plot that continues to captivate and intrigue audiences. Shakespeare presents the characters in Hamlet with an unprecedented complexity, building upon the fundamentals of intense relationships creating a complex and unique revenge tragedy, that no-one is yet to match. Continually driving the plot of hamlet, impacting both the structure and fundamental ideas of the play is the relationship between mother and son, Gertrude and Hamlet shown particularly in Act 1, Scene 2, and Act 3 Scene 4. These two scenes are entwined, showing the intense nature of which drives the continual forward momentum of the plot and captivates the audience for what is to come. Hamlet and Gertrude present a complex mother and son relationship. Clouded by discrepancies between public and private domain they provide a captivating emotional rollercoaster for the audience to experience. In public, Hamlet although seen to be in mourning “cast thy nighted colour off,” seems charming and responsive to his mother’s requests, “Ay Madam.” However it is shown here that Hamlet is insulted by the lack of sincere grief shown by his mother towards his father's death. In response to her explaining "all that lives must die" he uses a play on words of her using 'seems' to highlight his disgust of her feigned grief, contrasted to what he believes is his real grief "Seems, madam! Nay it is I know not seems." He further uses the word 'seem' to say that although like her, his actions could be viewed as insincere, these are just the beginning "these but the trappings and the suits of woe." Hamlet in the later siliqouy of Act 1 Scene 2 puts forth his true feelings which are hidden here, presenting that it is more than just grief, but revenge, highlighting the underlying...
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