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Hamlet is a tragedy written by William Shakespeare. The story recounts the acts how Prince Hamlet takes revenge on his Uncle Claudius, who has murdered King Hamlet, then taken the throne, and married to his mother, Queen Gertrude. Shakespeare was successful making a puzzle surround Hamlet which reveals so many important ambiguities that even the audience of all times cannot resolve with certainty. One of those ambiguities is whether Hamlet seems to be more determined or more metaphysical freedom. In my perspective, I believe Hamlet is more on the determined side. He is "a product of many factors that have made him what he is, and which continue to shape all of his behavior." (Washburn, p55) 

In the very first words of speech to court, Claudius quickly mentions of "our sometime sister, now our queen," "mirth in funeral," "dirge in marriage," and "taken to wife"(Hamlet, I.ii.8-14). All those words like splashing cold water straight on Hamlet's face.  He knows he is going to loss everything along with his mother, Queen Gertrude, who he is deeply in love with. That speech destroys family, love, hope, and confidence in his life. As a result, the sadness left over inside him causes the indignation and anger toward King Claudius and Queen Gertrude. Hamlet's worst fears about Claudius are also confirmed from this point because he obviously notices his uncle's motive and purpose.  

In the darkness, the ghost comes to rouse Hamlet to revenge his death. How can this nonphysical soul affect only Hamlet and his friends' physical nervous systems, but the entire characters? Washburn points out "only physical things can affect other physical things." (Washburn, p57) I believe the scene Hamlet and the ghost is a determined plan. Let's say in other words. After the court, Hamlet meets his three friends. They have a change to talk about the story of how his father is murder. After all, Claudius has committed a sin, that sin must to be returned with...
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