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Demonstrate how this practice expresses the beliefs of Islam Islam encompasses various practices and rituals to express their differing beliefs; as specified within Qur’an, “. One of the many significant practices which express the faith of Islamic is the Hajj. Hajj is the fifth pillar within Islam and is defined as an individual’s pilgrimage to Allah. It is simply a Muslim’s devotion to God through the commemoration of key events throughout Islamic history which is documented in the Qur’an. Hajj is the last of the five pillars of Islam. The practice involves thirteen steps which is each of significance to Muslim beliefs. Steps which express the beliefs of Islam include, The Stand before Allah, The Feast of Sacrifice, Hajar’s Thirst, Stoning of the Pillars and Circling of the Ka’ba. It is essential that Muslim’s perform the ritual of Hajj as it is a key practice which expresses the concept of the beliefs of Islam. The first step of the practice Hajj is the stand before Allah, otherwise known as “Wuquf”. This step is recognised as the central moment of the Hajj which occurs at the Mount of Mercy on the plain of Arafat. The role of pilgrims is to meditate, pray and concentrate their thoughts on Allah whereas they also spend the night. The essence of the practice is to stand and face Haram (sin) whilst asking for forgiveness from Allah which is sincere repentance. Muslims experience the beginning of a new life as part of the process of Hajj. This experiences one of the many beliefs of Islam being forgiveness and seeking repentance from Allah. This provides Muslims with a great sense of peace as well as the surrender to Allah as well as proclaiming his oneness which is a key belief within Islam. The Feast of Sacrifice is also recognised as ‘Id-Ul-Adha’, which is the day after the stand before Allah. The concept of this feast commemorates when Ibrahim was called by Allah to sacrifice his son Isma’il and overcame the temptations of the devil. Sacrifice to Allah is...
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