Gulliver Travel Comparison

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Gulliver Travel Comparison: Book versus Movie
Gulliver’s Travel was originally a novel written by Jonathan Swift in the 18th Century. It is a satiric story about Lemenue Gulliver who goes on several journeys through strange and foreign fantasy lands. Since the time the book was published there have been several different movies made about the story. One of these movies is the Ted Danson’s version which was made in 1996, it is a very good representation of the book that shares many similarities but like all movies has differences with the book.

Both the movie and the originally novel of Gulliver’s Travels, have the same story line of Gulliver going to strange foreign lands. It is depicted as a fantasy to people but is written as his personal encounters throughout these fantasy lands. They both show satire and take place during the 18th century. In both the novel and movie Gulliver is found by the Lilliputians and tied down, he eventually befriends them and gains their trust when he captures their enemy’s ships. In both versions the Lilliputians want to poke out Gulliver’s eyes and starve him to death for telling the King, “No.”. Then when Gulliver escapes and goes to the Kingdom of Brobdingnag he is captured by the Giants and forced to preform tricks. The movie shows that Gulliver gets sick when he is transported around Brobdingnag and is finally happy when he is allowed to stay at the royal court. Both the movie and book depicts that the giants view Gulliver as a coward because he is afraid of little things; he is also harassed by the dwarf which wants to kill him.

In comparison with the novel and the book of Gulliver’s Travels; Gulliver makes it to the island of Laputa which is a floating land in the sky. The people of this island are very intelligent people that their society is focused on knowledge. In both versions they drop rocks on cities that rebel against the people of Laputa for not giving them aid. Gulliver also makes it to the...
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