Gsm Based Notice Board

Topics: GSM, Mobile phone, Cellular network Pages: 12 (3990 words) Published: August 21, 2013
International Journal of Scientific Engineering and Technology Volume 2 Issue 3, PP : 149-155

(ISSN : 2277-1581) 1 April 2013

GSM Mobile Phone Based LED Scrolling Message Display System
Prachee U.Ketkar1, Kunal P.Tayade2, Akash P. Kulkarni3, Rajkishor M.Tugnayat4 Department of Information Technology Jawaharlal Darda Institute Of Engineering & Technology, Yavatmal, Maharashtra, India Abstract-In the last couple of decades, communication technology has developed by leaps and bounds. The use of “Embedded System in Communication” has given rise to many interesting applications. One of such applications is public addressing system (PAS). Many companies are manufacturing audio / video systems like public announcement system, CCTV, programmable sign boards etc. But all these systems are generally hardwired, complex in nature and difficult to expand. So, by adding wireless communication interface such as GSM to these systems, we can overcome their limitations . Now-a-days LED Message Scrolling Displays are becoming very popular .These displays are used in shopping malls, theaters, public transportation, traffic signs, highways signs, etc. This paper describes the GSM based LED display. Keywords-GSM, Interface, Message, Modem, Receiver, Transmitter, phone to make a phone call, preferring to “text” anything and everything. The “texting” boom has not come unnoticed to entrepreneurs. A variety of services have grown around “texting.” Users will pay double or quadruple the normal SMS fee for a specific service such as chatting, news/traffic reports, and downloading of ring tones for their phones. These services ally themselves with one or more cellular network providers who will give them a special phone number that can receive and monitor the text messages that their customers send to them. This many-to-one network of SMS transmission has become quite popular and many a business has entered into this model with mixed results. However, as of this writing, the vast majority of businesses that revolve around the GSM-SMS system have been targeted to consumers. This paper aims to propose industrial applications that will utilize the distinct advantages of the GSM.SMS system over other possible technologies in the industrial setting. [2] A. GSM for Industrial Applications

I Introduction
Over the last few years, the GSM cellular phone has grown from a luxury item owned by the rich to something so common that one out of five Filipinos already owns one. This is amazing when we look at the fact that our country is a developing one with almost half our population living below the poverty line. This continuously growing popularity of the GSM cell phone has spurred the growth of the country‟s cellular network infrastructure led by the two major players, Ayala owned Globe Telecom, and PLDT‟s Smart Cellular.[3] All major urban areas are currently covered by both cellular providers, and soon every single corner of the Philippine Archipelago is a cell phone call away. The primary reason we can see for this tremendous and unexpected cellular boom is the popularity of the short message service (SMS) in the Philippines. Locally called “text messaging,” Filipinos send more text messages then the whole of Europe combined. The Filipino‟s need for constant communication with family and friends, coupled with the relatively cheap method of sending short text messages to them, has spurred a GSM revolution in the country. In fact, rarely will a Filipino actually use his cell

The primary appeal of the GSM network for industrial applications are in its following qualities: 1.Digital Transmission- The GSM Network is inherently digital which makes it secure, relatively error-free, and jamming-proof.[2] 2.Nationwide coverage- The GSM networks offer nationwide access at a fixed fee regardless of location. 3Future-proof-The GSM network is designed to be compatible with future technology upgrades such as GPRS and third generation...
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