Growth Strategies in Soft Drinks

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Growth Strategies in Soft Drinks
A management report from Business Insights

The battle for ‘share of throat’
Positioning of new soft drinks launches aimed at children
29% 36%

In spite of growing competition in the soft drinks market, many companies, ranging from multinationals to niche specialists, continue to see volume growth well in excess of the market average. Much of their success can be attributed to progressive attitudes to their competitive environment and by exploiting new production, packaging and distribution technologies, they are able to meet consumers' needs more accurately and immediately than ever before. With leading players such as The Coca-Cola Company driving the battle

Child as purchaser

Parent as purchaser Planned purchase Impulse purchase

for share of throat, soft drinks manufacturers of all sizes need to equip themselves with a wide variety of innovative strategic tools if they are to 4%


remain competitive. Business Insights’ report, the Growth Strategies in Soft Drinks highlights emerging opportunities in the industry, and examines the ways that companies can best exploit them. From the emerging markets of Asia-Pacific, Eastern Europe and South America, to fast-growth niches in the developed world, this latest study is the definitive guide to innovation, main players, market sizes and growth prospects.

“New manufacturing and marketing techniques are blurring traditional borders between soft drinks categories. With competition becoming increasingly fierce and share of throat thinking coming to the fore, targeting specific consumer needs and consumption occasions is going to become more and more important. The implications for the soft drinks industry could be considerable, particularly for smaller players.”

Marketing Director European soft drinks manufacturer

Structure and scope
Share of throat and market drivers: an in-depth investigation of product positioning, distribution, marketing and NPD strategies that are being employed in the pursuit of share of throat. New Age beverages Energy and sports drinks HIGH GROWTH

Category growth versus rate of innovation in the global soft drinks market

Key market data: the report contains a data table for each category, listing the 10 fastest-growing country categories around the world. This Dairy drinks

is supplemented in the final chapter with market data by category for 7 of the most important country markets in global soft drinks. Bottled water

Carbonates Juices LOW GROWTH


Squashes & cordials

Powdered soft drinks FRAGMENTED

Innovation and technology: analysis of over 350 new product launches in the global market, examining their marketing mix and specific consumer appeal, indicating the direction in which soft drinks NPD is likely to develop over the next five years.

“With high volume growth rates and a low level of consolidation, New Age beverages is arguably the most attractive soft drinks category for new entrants.”

Future outlook and survey: a wide-ranging survey of industry executives in Western Europe and North America, focusing on issues of consumer targeting, fast-growth distribution channels and packaging formats and assessing their projected impact on the future development of the industry.

Growth Strategies in Soft Drinks Business Insights

Shifting industry dynamics
Key bases of the success of energy and sports drinks in the global soft drinks market Performance enhancement

Growth Strategies in Soft Drinks provides invaluable insight into the dynamics of the global soft drinks market. It looks at the increase in inter-category competition and the battle for share of throat, as well as trends in new product development and emerging market activity. With a global outlook, it provides you with the information you need to increase profitability, no matter the size of your company.

Isotonic drink Sports drinks Lucozade Sport

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