Grendel's Mother and Beowulf

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The plot revolves around Scandinavian culture.
Who composed Beowulf was a unknown
Anglo-Saxon poet (around 700 a.d)
What is the Setting? Denmark & Geatland (a region in what is now southern Sweden) What is the setting of Beowulf? Scandinavia, Geatland.
Hygelac rules Geatland at the beginning of the poem.
The first night that Grendel attacked the mead-hall, Heorot, he kill thirty (30) Scyldings (men). Beowulf's father was Ecgtheow.
four (4) men does it take to carry Grendel’s head back to the mead-hall. Beowulf defeats Grendel’s mother by using a giant, magical sword. Beowulf kill Grendel tearing off Grendel's arm at the shoulder (ripping off its claw) with his bare hands. Grendel’s mother lives in a lake.

the grendel's mother has no name.
Grendel's mother (killer) abducted and decapitated Aeschere (Who was Hrothgar's most trusted advisor.) The fiery dragon is angry because a fugitive slave stole what from him the Flagon. The mythological character that founded Hrothgar’s kingdom was Scyld Scefing The central theme of Beowulf is: the ancestral heritage and the individual reputation. the good reputation: helps develop a good identity.

the family lineage predominates because of 'kinship bonds' (helps establish Character and Identity.) the warrior culture dictate that is better to retaliate than to mourn. the most important concept in Beowulf's culture is: their memory will continue on after death. Beowulf focuses on the Germanic heroic code, which is: 1. values strength, courage, and loyalty in warriors. 2. hospitality, generosity, and political skill in Kings. 3. ceremoniousness in Women. 4. good reputation in all People. Shield Sheafson: is the legendary originator of the Danish royal line. about his background: he was an orphan--thus forcing him to turn to violent actions that eventually developed. the Hrothgar's speech as king - Beowulf's speech as a king have in common: the emphasis the value of creating stability in a precarious and chaotic world. Mead-Hall (Hrothgar's great hall of Heorot in Denmark.) (Hygelac's hall in Geatland.) ...Represents a "safe-haven" for warriors returning from battle; traditions are preserved, loyalty was rewarded. The Banquet symbolize The restoration of order/harmony among the Danish people. What does the rebuilding of the Mead-hall symbolize? (along with speeches and rewards given) the rebirthing of the community. The Golden-Torque symbolize the necklace that Wealhtheow gives Beowulf = symbol of bond of loyalty between her people and Beowulf-and, by extension, the Geats. What is the meaning behind the Golden-Torque? Hygelac died in battle wearing it. the poem Beowulf was composed as a whole at Eighth century AD. In the Scandinavian culture what was the roles of kings and people Warrior Culture; Strong kings demand bravery and loyalty from their warriors-- they repay with treasures won in war. What is a scop? a poet (also called a bard.)

the verse form of Alliteration is important in Beowulf because It would help Scops remember the many thousands of lines they were required to know by heart. Which words are stressed: "Lade ne letton. Leoht eastan com" Lade, letton, leoht, and eastan are the 4 stressed words. The most common rhetorical device used in Beowulf is Kenning. Kenning is a short metaphorical description of a thing used in place of the thing's name. Example of Kenning 1. ship might be called a "sea-rider" 2. king a "ring-giver." In Beowulf's youth he demonstrates best values of the heroic culture. (in old age he proves a wise/effective ruler.) When is the time of Beowulf's transition from warrior to king? period following Hygelac's son death. What is the Genre? Alliterative verse; elegy.(resembles heroic epic, though smaller in scope than most classical epics ) What is the Language? Anglo-Saxon (also called Old English.) What is the Mead-Hall called? Heorot Hall.

What helps Beowulf form into a king? King Hrothgar's praises and...
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