Great Expectations Reading Log Chapters 1-7

Topics: Great Expectations, Charles Dickens, Social class Pages: 4 (1343 words) Published: May 21, 2013
Great Expectations Reading Log
(Chapters 1-7)

1. Chapter 1: Meeting the Convict
Chapter 2: Stealing from his Family
Chapter 3: The Convict receives the Gifts
Chapter 4: Pip Panics
Chapter 5: Looking for the Convicts
Chapter 6: Reflecting on his decision
Chapter 7: Invited to Play at Miss. Havinsham’s House

2. The dominant atmosphere in the first part of the novel is a fearful one. This atmosphere is created when Pip first meets the convict. Pip is then put in a situation where he is threatened and scared, thus making the dominant atmosphere, a fearful one. After being threatened by the convict, he is put into more situations where he is quite scared such as when Mrs. Joe beats him with the Tickler and when Pip thinks that the police arrive at his house because they found out that it was Pip who gave the convict the food and the file.

3. An important setting in this novel is Pip’s house. This setting is quite important, as it contributes to the descriptions of the three characters that live in the house. Pip’s house is not exactly the nicest house in the world. Their house is constructed out of wood, which helps contribute to the fact that the house is not of the best quality. It helps describe the three character’s social class. They are not very rich, and their house reflects that. The house also has a forge connected to it, showing that Joe is indeed a blacksmith.

4. One of the themes that slowly developed in this novel is that social class does not truly describe a character. Just because a person is rich or poor, it does not mean that they are like everybody else in their specific social class. Joe, for instance, is not very rich, like the rest of his family. However, he is truly a very kind and thoughtful individual. Mrs. Joe, on the other hand, is very rude and aggressive. However, they are both in the same social class, but their descriptions and personalities are completely different.

5. The character I have...
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