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graduation speech

Topics: High school / Pages: 2 (454 words) / Published: Oct 29th, 2013
Graduation Speech
Good Evening. Ladies and Gentlemen. My name is Andy. This is such a great honor to be here tonight. Thanks for joining us today for graduation of class of 2011. Friend once said to me. “Hey, when do you graduated? Andy” Yes, right now, I have finally graduated from High School. Some of people already know about my truths that I am 20 years old. Yes, I am old and I am the oldest person in the school except teachers. I have reason for that because I tore my ACL, so I had to go back to my country and I took a break for one year because of surgery and physical therapy. From my perspective, there are two kinds of people, negative and positive person. The negative, person who feel of jealousy, last year I was once a negative person because of my knee. The fact that I cannot play sports anymore. The fact that I cannot play around with my friends. But, My family and friends pray for me and stand beside me to help me to rise again. Therefore I became somewhat positive. The positive who are successful, fun filled, mentally strong person. I feel lucky I chose the positive route and I expect to grow, learn and develop with a smile on my face. Last year, when I come back to America and got a schedule for senior year, I realized that, on the schedule paper, it said instead of Grade 12 ‘Grade 13.’ “Wow, am I super senior?” First of all, I kind of depressed because I realized that my friends were gone. However, even though I did not graduate last year with my actual senior class, I really had fun with this year senior. They are fun, hyper, and I learned many things from them such as acting or dancing. Now high school is already over and we will go college, work, mission trip or whatever. Even though study part in high school is not that great, I will miss High school, of course not the study part, because of classmates, teachers or anything. I know for the fact that everyone will miss our high school someday. High school is always staying with us. We may forget the equation that we learned from math class. But the community that school has inside or outside will always present in our mind. What I am talking about is friends, teachers or people who are around us today. Come to think of this time, high school is not that really bad. Let’s not forget class of 2011. No matter what path you choose, no matter what your passion is, follow it with everything you have got.
Best luck for your future class of 2011!

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