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The head of the states is called the Governor, who is the constitutional head of the state as the President is for the whole of India. The Governor of a state has a dual role to play - as the constitutional head of the state and as the agent or representative of the centre. Constitutional Head of State:

The Governor is a ceremonial head of the state. The constitution provides for a council of ministers with a Chief Minister at the head to aid and advise the Governor in the exercise of this functions except when he can act at his discretion. The council of ministers is collectively responsible to the state Legislative Assembly. All the executive powers are exercised by the cabinet in the name of the Governor who acts constitutionally on the advice of the council of Ministers. The constitution, however, specifically lay down that except in matters where the Governor is required to act in his discretion, he shall not be bound to follow the advice of the council of Ministers, but act in his discretion.

If any question regarding the exercise of the discretion of the Governor arises, the decision of the Governor shall not be called in question on the grouped that he ought or ought not to have acted in his discretion. The courts of the land do not have the power to question the action of the Governor taken in his discretion and the decision of the Governor shall be final. the following functions fall within the discretionary powers of the Governor in his role as the head of the State Government. (i) Appointment of Chief Minister,

(ii) Dismissal of ministry;
(iii) Dissolution of legislature;
(iv) Right to advise, warn and suggest;
(v) Withhold assent from a bill; and
(vi) Discretionary powers of the Governor of Assam, Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Mizoram, Tripura and Meghalaya.

Governor as agent of the centre:
Apart from being the constitutional head of a state, the Governor also acts as the agent or representative of the Central Government. In fact...
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