Gothic Literature
Topics: Edgar Allan Poe, Gothic fiction, The Fall of the House of Usher, Symbol / Pages: 4 (801 words) / Published: Dec 19th, 2016

There are elements in literature that grab the readers attention and keep them interested, especially in gothic literature. In gothic literature, authors use different literary elements to create many gothic elements in their stories or poems. The main goal of any gothic author is to entertaining the reader by using different ways to implement fear. In "The Fall of The House of Usher", Poe creates suspense, uses symbolism, and uses gothic elements to keep the reader interested and to make the story interesting.

Edgar Allen Poe uses suspense in the story to keep it interesting and to leave the audience biting their nails in anticipation. Poe creates suspense by pacing when the narrator reads "one of [Rodrick's] favorite romances"(Poe307) and
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The narrator is symbolized as a hero because he receives "a letter"(Poe294) from Usher to "see [him]"(294) because he is going through a mental illness. The narrator symbolizes a hero because Usher, his best friend, is in need of help and the narrator travels a long distance to help his friend out. The uses this to symbol to create an exciting plot so the story is interesting enough for the reader. In addition, the antagonist is fear, another symbol, because Usher "falls victim"(309) to fear by killing him and makes Usher have a "mental disorder."(309) to fear by fear killing him and makes Usher have a "mental disorder." (294) Fear is symbolized as an antagonist because fear killed Rodrick Usher and also tortured Usher. Poe added fear in the story to show the reader how fear over ran the story, which would make the story entertaining for the reader. The symbols such as fear and the hero help create the story's plot and make the story more attractive for the reader. By fear killing not only Usher, but Madeline also induces the reader to keep reading to find out the result of the brother and sister dying. Without the story's hero the whole story would not have been told because the hero makes the story more interesting because he tries to help out a man that is going completely …show more content…
The narrator describes Rodrick Usher's castle as a "mansion of gloom"(Poe 294) with "bleak walls"(294) showing the reader that it is a dark place. Poe uses the castle as a gothic element to show the reader that Rodrick and the narrator are trapped together in a house. He also describes the castle as dark and eerie which keeps the reader interested because the strange darkness of the castle is scary. In addition, the narrator and Rodrick commit a crime by screwing "down the lid"(305) to Madeline's coffin even though she had a "blush upon the bosom and a suspiciously lingering smile,"(305) showing that she is still alive. The crime is used as a gothic element to add more suspense and creates an even darker setting to the story. The excitement of the crime makes the reader want to read more and makes the reader curious about what is going to happen next. The reader feels interested because of the darkness of the story created by the gothic elements Poe used. The darkness in the story makes the reader attracted to the story more because that is what the reader wants when reading a gothic story.

Finally, the story is interesting and keeps the reader interested by the use of suspense, symbolism, and gothic elements in "The Fall of The House of Usher." Gothic literature entertains the reader by using literary elements that add darkness to the stories. People should not

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