Google glasses

Topics: Bluetooth, The Work, Glasses Pages: 1 (424 words) Published: September 21, 2013
Google recently managed to developed a technology that is hands free and head mounted smart devices that can be worn by users "wearable computing".Google Glasses will look like a pair of normal eyeglasses, but the lens of the glasses will be an interactive, smartphone-like display.It is also able to connect to WiFi and Bluetooth. The glass will be using Apple's iOS. It is expected to come out late in 2013 and could be available by these prices. It is available in 2 versions : Explorer Version - $1500 (RM4500) or Consumer Version - $500 (RM1500)

wo Heads Are Better Than One
Two heads are better than one. Is working in a group better than working independently? I think so because you can get more ideas, do the work in a quicker time period and accomplish bigger goals. Firstly, if you work in a group there are more people with you which means there is a variety of thinkers. A variety of thinkers means a mixture of ideas and more success. For example, say you and your staff members have created a product and you want to advertise it in many ways. If you were just working on it alone, you probably wouldn’t get as many results as well as the same quality of work as you would in a group. Secondly, when you do group work instead of individual work, you tend to do the work much faster because the work is divided. The more and more people there are, the lesser time it takes to finish the same work. Let’s take a simple example, a project on aeroplanes. You have to answer about 6 questions on aeroplanes and make a poster board. If you are working in a group, you can divide all the work to each member of the group (answering questions, designing the board, editing, etc.) and the process will go much quicker than you having to do all of it yourself. So group work is done much quicker than individual work. Lastly, when you work in a group you can accomplish bigger goals because there are more people. For example, say you have a goal to help the hungry people in the...
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