Good Things Come To Those Who Wait Analysis

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Good things come to those who wait

The electrical scooter is finally out!

Qassim has been looking forward to this day. Although he has been collecting money for a while, Qassim realises that he is £9 short. He is sad. When his mother asks of the reason he looks much deflated, he tells her in the hope that she will give him the remaining money. After the disappointment of the answer, Qassim returns his money in his box.

A month later, after saving enough money, Qassim rushes into the shop ready to purchase his scooter. He is overjoyed to see that the scooter has a 20% off the original price.

“Look, Qassim”, his mother says. “Good things come to those who wait. Now you have extra money. What will you spend it on?”

Oh Allah, make
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Can you find three and make it into a milkshake?

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Spare time for real fun

Joel is busy watching his favourite cartoon in the living room; he does not hear his mum call him for breakfast. An hour later, he is in his bedroom on his PlayStation. His mother calls him down for lunch but he cannot hear her as he is focused on winning the game. Two hours later, he comes down and see his older brother on his computer game and then spends another 20minutes playing with it. He then complains to his mother that he has a headache, is hungry and is so tired.

When his neighbours come to ask him to play outside with them, his mother says, “You need to eat, do your homework and tidy your room”.

Joel throws a tantrum.
“You made the choice, Joel”, his mother explained. “Wasting time playing with electronics has prevent access of real fun. You have no one to blame but yourself”.

Oh Allah, help me to become balanced in everything I do. Ameen.

Find out what Allah calls the nation of Muhammad (2:143).

Activity: Draw an illustration of four different physical activities you enjoy spending your time

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