Good News About Injustice

Topics: Gary Haugen Pages: 6 (2555 words) Published: November 2, 2005
Good News about Injustice
Part one is titled "Taking Up the Challenge." This first section of the book is expressing the news about injustice and how it exists today. The question that it asks is, "How will I respond?" This question will be answered in this section of the paper. Chapter one talks about the wars in Rwanda. Gary talks about the first time he went to Rwanda. He was one of the people that went down to this African country to help investigate the Rwandan genocides that was going on. The sites that were seen were frightening. The bodies were dumped in lakes along the borders of Rwanda and Zaire. Killings were taken place not only in homes and streets, but in mass at stadiums. He was in charge of identifying all the people that they found in these mass graves. Haugen then makes note of the twin girls that were dead. They were human; it could have been his kids. This, to me, was the turning point of it all. Realizing that these twin girls could have been his, he needed to make a stop of this injustice to these innocent Rwandans. Gary uses a passage from the Bible, Psalm 10:8-15, to show that God does care about these people and he calls this injustice sin. God is the one with the final plan of action and He will judge those who create the injustice, we are there to carry out His will, as Gary says; "We are the plan." Chapter two is simply titled Preparing the Mind and Spirit Through Scripture. Gary speaks of two ways we can grow into mature way of thinking about injustice. Those two points are: we can develop compassions for these people by seeing them by means of missionaries or other Christian workers and by preparing ourselves to help these people by viewing them through God's eyes, meaning His Word. The first step Gary gives us is a vocabulary term. That term is compassion permanence, which means a courageous and generous capacity to remember the needs of an unjust world even when the infant's out of our immediate sight. Simply meaning that we need to be aware of others, not only the ones we know about. He gives a list of different types of injustices, and one would think that it is narrow, but it is so broad. The second step is preparing our minds for action. Haugen tells us that reading in God's Word helps out in daily battles that occur when dealing with these injustices. Basically this chapter is saying that we should not think that we can end all of the world's injustices today or tomorrow, but it takes time and people to change things one at a time, not all at once. One life is better than no life. Chapter three is titled Champions of Justice. There are stories of three different people and different hardships they go through. In Sister K's case they beat her by means of boot, whip, fist, and bulldogs. This is just one case of a brothel. Brother E, however, is in a country with child labor as a means of an economy. These children work 12 hour days and 6 day weeks. The children are badly damaged physically from these environments of working in the mills or in the mines. Sister J is in a place where the mob rules over the people. Brutality is the key in keeping everyone in line. The events of this brutality can be public or private. All of which are cases of injustice in this world. Haugen speaks about how injustice is real and it must be dealt with. However, to Americans this injustice does not seem to hit at home. Sitting at home, or even the dorm, I just flip through the main "college" channels, the ESPN's, local channels, and even the cartoon stations. I never think twice about stopping on a news channel, to me it is depressing. Seeing bondage and murders is just saddening. I am sure this is the case with most college students, as well as Americans. We seem to not care about the outside world except our own. The first chapter explains that injustice does occur and we need to do something about it. We can't just ignore the facts that so many children are...
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