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I. Statement of the Problem
Selecta was evaluating growth strategies to sustain market leadership in Metro Manila and capture the leadership in the national market. II. Objective
To give AFI possible solutions or recommendations on how to increase their flat revenue for the past years III. Areas of Consideration
1990 - Selecta had only one percent share of the ice cream market 1996 - Selecta captured 46% of the Metro Manila ice cream market and an average of 39% market share nationwide Magnolia - Nestle and some foreign brands penetrating the local market Most consumer look into and discriminate among the flavours available when they buy Ice cream companies have to provide the stores with freezers, free of charge, regardless of store size 1994 - Selecta signed a three-year exclusive agreement with Fun Characters, Inc. to use Walt Disney characters in promoting their ice cream 1994 - Selecta signed a three-year licensing agreement with Hershey Foods International The tie-up allowed Selecta to use Hershey's popular brand names for its ice cream products Magnolia was the first in the country to produce ice cream in commercial quantity and held an undisputed share of almost 80% of the market Magnolia was the pioneer in the development of tropical-flavoured ice cream Magnolia's ice cream facilities were the first ice cream plans in the Philippines to meet quality system standards set by the International Standards Organization (ISO) Magnolia is the only Filipino ice cream brand sold abroad

Magnolia invested a total of 1.7 billion in the past three years in upgrading its cold storage facilities Magnolia deployed about 4,000 new freezers throughout the Philippines Presto chose to price its ice cream products lower than those of Selecta and Magnolia Presto was very strong in the frozen novelties market

Presto, however, had an approximate10% share of the bulk ice cream market Presto was the only Philippine ice cream...
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