Gold Cadillac

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Persuasive Essay Final Draft
By: Bryan Phillips

People who do celebrate holidays are happier than people who don’t because people who do celebrate get to do the fun things you get to do on holidays like bake cookies. This is why people who celebrate holidays are happier than people who don’t. One reason could be because on some holidays sometimes people get things they have really wanted on certain holidays. So if they get those things they are probably really happy. So that’s one reason why it would make people who celebrate holidays happier than people who don’t. Also the cheer of the holiday probably makes a lot of people that celebrate holidays happy. However, there are a couple other things I’d like to say.

Another reason is just being around your family and friends on the holiday. But if people don’t celebrate a holiday then they don’t have to deal with people and that could sometimes make people happy. But it’s better to spend time with people so you’re not lonely on a holiday. Lastly, it’s good to have friends and family so you just have fun and forget about all the stressful things. Still, there is one more thing I’d like to say.

The last reason is just having fun on a holiday can make you forget about all the work, stress, and people you have to deal with. It’s good for people not to be stressed because that can make them super-mad. Also them being mad can put other people in a bad mood. One thing that is good for the people who don’t celebrate is that they don’t have to deal with decorating and setting up for a holiday. But if you’re done then it’s better to be the one celebrating. So the reasons that celebrating a holiday make people happier than people who don’t celebrate holidays are sometimes you get something you have really wanted on certain holidays. Also, being around family and friends can make people very happy. Lastly, celebrating holidays can relieve you of all the work,...
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