God of Carnage

Topics: Kate Winslet, Penelope Independent School District, The Play Pages: 4 (1675 words) Published: May 4, 2013
Annette vs. Nancy
When taking the time to examine the characters of Annette Reille, from the play, and Nancy Cowan, from Carnage, it is easy to find their likenesses, but there are also some noticeable differences. One of the main reasons for all of these differences is merely different interpretations of the character by different readers. For example, the tone in which certain lines are said or in the way a certain action is portrayed can change the whole personality of a character. When reading, the reader portrays each of the characters as he/ she believes them to be, but then another reader could have a difference of opinion and change the whole attitude; this was the case if you consider the readers to be myself and Kate Winslet. Although Annette often appears to be conciliatory, her counterpart Nancy seems more invested in ending in the conflict. In the play Annette is trying to work out the situation going on between the boys with no conflict between the parents, and this conciliatory side is shown many times throughout the play. One of the times we realize Annette is trying to keep the peace is in the beginning when she says to Veronique “We should be thanking you. We should” (Reza1258). Annette says this as a response to Veronique, after she finishes “discretely” bragging about how she and Michel handled the situation. She is very complimentary of Veronique, which is her way of keeping things calm. This line, along with others, shows Annette agreeing with these parents and letting the Vallon’s know she understands her son was the one in the wrong. An aspect of Annette’s line about being thankful that should be taken into consideration is the amount of body language presented. Nowhere in the reading is it explained whether or not any movement is made or expression shown, but in reading it seemed as though this line didn’t need any and that it isn’t of much importance. Annette seems to be trying to keep up the moods of Bruno’s parents by...
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