Topics: Globalization, Culture, Human rights Pages: 12 (4306 words) Published: May 1, 2013
1.0 Introduction
Globalization has been around for a very long time since between 1492 and 1498 until TODAY. Trading. Trading is a major factor of globalization. Trading has led to the exchange of goods, culture and language and in no doubt, the migration of people. The British East India Company is the best historical example in the rapid globalization movement. The British East India Company was founded at the beginning of the 17th century. Figure 1: The British East India Company was founded at the beginning of 17th century and is an early example of globalization efforts. Figure 1: The British East India Company was founded at the beginning of 17th century and is an early example of globalization efforts. Cotton and tea were traded from India. Of course the goods’ trading doesn’t end like that. Cultural practices were exchanged as well as sharing of language and also human migration. The company also ruled India for a century (1757-1858). The company established the India’s present education system; spread English language and laying the groundwork for India’s present banking and financial systems. After of a century of ruling India, the British monarchy colonized India for another century before India gained its independence in 1947. The term globalization was first coined in the 1980s. By definition, globalization is a process whereby economic, political, social and cultural differences are lessened by greater interaction across national boundaries.Another definition was globalization encompasses many trends, including expanded international trade, telecommunications, monetary coordination, multinational corporations, technical and scientific cooperation, cultural exchanges of new types and scales, migration and refugee flows and relations between the world’s rich and poor countries. Globalization raises the productivity and living standards of the people in countries that open themselves to the global marketplace. Money, goods and manufacturing became more mobile than they were. This was the impact of giant corporations such as Coca-Cola, McDonalds and so much more as they were better at freedom to move and financing their investments. International entities such as World Trade Organization (WTO) are also the effect of rapid globalization. Development of steam engine, car, telephone, telegraph and so much more inventions had long ago sped globalization but internet which was invented on the 1950s caused an even more rapid globalization. Globalization has a divergent positive impacts as well as negative impacts on our daily lives. Globalization is indeed the most common unstoppable process that brings the world together through technology. Although it has been for millennia that the process to bring human beings into contact with one another, high-speed transport and computer sped up the process in the last quarter century. Globalization has thus, resulted in the greater influence of political and economic changes. The changes resulted from globalization are in no doubt, transnational and multinational dynamics. It has a major impact on the outcomes in determining issue-areas such as environment, trade and world regulation. It may also induce global and local actors to be more autonomous from a traditionally exclusive state decision-making.

2.0 Globalization’s Effects on Politics
Many argued that globalization weakened or destabilized the status of nation-state. Who and how borders are set? How are they recognized? Hunter-gatherer societies were wandering societies. They lacked two distinguishing features of the nation-state. They don’t need territory (nation) and political apparatus (the state) as they are small self-regulating groups. Even Empires such as Chinese and Romans had unclear borders. Their boundaries might shift as the empire extends. Modern nation-states are recognized its sovereignty after the Treaty of Westphalia (1648) was signed after the 30(and 80) Years’ War(s). So, it means, sovereign states...
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