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Americanization of Globalization

Denzel Speights

English 1133: Freshman Composition II
November 21, 2012

American business is renowned for its domination in food, clothing, media, and technology. Various cultures and companies know that America’s marketing strategy isn’t like any one else in the world. Their business comes on a large scale to showcase everything on a worldwide media market. American companies are Globalizing societies by Americanizing them in their own image. They start small in minor foreign urban community; gradually their merchandise is used among urban centers, and finally a whole culture is using/ influenced by the product. Their methods are both convincing and sly. In reality these big cooperate American companies disguise themselves by marketing a product, but their true initiative is to influence a whole populated region. Why stop selling America in America, where you can sale across the globe.

We all are familiar with the American companies of NIKE, FORD, MCDONALDS, etc. They researched, studied, and excavated foreign countries to try to appeal to there needs. They target well known figures such as political individuals, celebrities, and athletes. They use their star power to market their product. With the help of those individuals promoting their product, the more the consumer will be influence to get it. For example, The Basketball Player Lebron James popularity was to its prime after winning his first championship that NIKE gave him a world tour. It consisted of his and other Nike merchandise. In result fans were influenced to get their merchandise and even more captivating to play basketball (an American Sport).By advertising products, they advertise the American way of Life.

What is the world view of America? Lazy ,Obese, Glamorous; This is only few conceptions on how we are portrayed on the world market. It can be thanks to all the American Cooperation of Fast food. Fast food is a rapid growing industry that is cherished by any individual who conceives in their goods. In the forefront, American business are the pioneers of this practice. Again with the mind set of why sale America in America, there’s an entire world to promote their goods. McDonalds is on of the forefathers of the food industry in America, and now they are a global cooperation. Their part of Americanizing the world is expanding the far reaches of the world. Since the expansion of McDonalds, people in Asia crave for that big beefy smell of a Big Mac or an Angus 2 pounder. With the continue supply of American Food, people will soon feel the effects being an American after consuming too much. Obesity, heart problems, and other health hazards are on symptoms of that kind of food. Another worldwide phenomenon is COKE. COKE has been in American society for ages. When the world market appeared to COKE they grabbed and ran with their opportunity. Like any other American company they promoted their product on the Media. For example Coke, were a proud sponsor and partner of the 2012 Olympics. They promoted the Athletes and sports through their product, while the Olympics promoted Coke every time they went to commercial. In this way every country will see COKE, drink COKE, and enjoy COKE just like Americans.

Not all food products are Hamburgers and Soft Drinks. KFC is one of the many American Global Food Chains out there. KFC went global in Asia especially in Japan. Using the Media, KFC displayed their goods through the founder himself Cornel Sanders. By displaying there product like they did in America, Kentucky Fried Chicken was a consuming factory of Japan. Another fast food phenomenon is Subway. Subway promotes a healthy lifestyle for Americans. Their way of Americanizing the world is promoting healthy life of an American. Their imitative is to promote their customers to adopt the customs of a healthy American. In that way they can buy more of their goods and merchandise of a...

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