Global Warming

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Global Warming

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency definition of global warming: “Global warming is an average increase in the temperature of the atmosphere near the Earth’s surface and in the troposphere, which can contribute to changes in global climate patterns. Global warming can occur from a variety of causes, both natural and human induced. In common usage, “global warming” often refers to the warming that can occur as a result of increased emissions of greenhouse gases from human activities (U.S. Environmental Protection Agen).

The first viewpoint that I would like to represent is the viewpoint for Global Warming. Those who agree with Global Warming suggest that 90% of global warming has been caused and is increased by human factors. It is also expressed that the hottest time period has been from the span of 2000-2009. During this time period it was a degree higher than it was in 1970. Another fact that has also been brought about is that the sea level has risen around one inch. Although this may not seem like much of a difference, but if it continues it will cause a major problem around the year 2100 (Global).

The second viewpoint that I would like to represent is the viewpoint against Global Warming. Those who are against Global Warming claim that the global climate computer models that those for Global Warming are too crude to determine any actual evidence to prove or disprove Global Warming. Also certain scientists against Global Warming claim that if there were such a thing as Global Warming that it may actually be beneficial to our planet. Scientists against Global Warming also say that even with their most technological advanced tools they have noted no change in temperature within the last twenty-three years (American).

My viewpoint, after reading several articles on Global Warming and from previous knowledge is that there is not enough evidence to support Global Warming. Scientific evidence that shows warming during certain periods...
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