Global Warming

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Global Warming

Global Warming

In this paper there are two questions that I will answer first being “is global warming due to human actions? Can the human race take action to stop global warming?” The answer to these questions in my own opinion can go either way, but for the purposes of this argument I will answer these as yes and yes. Humans can do something to slow down Global warming even though some causes are out of human hands this paper will explain both the human causes and the natural causes of global warming.

Global Warming is a serious issue for humans as its end results can be our own extinction as the planet will no longer be able to support any life. We as humans burn everything, take everything this earth has to give and refuses to give anything back to it. Eventually the earth will fail to produce oxygen because we cut down all the trees. The oceans will die cause we are killing all the fish for food and what we do not eat we starve to death by killing their food source and pollute the rest of the oceans with our waste products.

“The PETM bears some striking resemblances to the human-caused climate change unfolding today. Most notably, the culprit behind it was a massive injection of heat-trapping greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and oceans, comparable in volume to what our persistent burning of fossil fuels could deliver in coming centuries.” (Kump, 2011) The PETM if you are wondering is short for Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum which is a time from back in earths past when the climate was much, much warmer. If we do nothing to stop our fossil fuel usage we could surpass those temperatures. The United States of America is cleaner than what other countries that do not have our technology even though that is the case we could still be far better than that. “Current global warming is on a path to vastly exceed the PETM, but it may not be too late to avoid the calamity that awaits us. To do so require immediate action by all the nations of the world to reduce the buildup of atmospheric carbon dioxide--and to ensure that the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum remains the last great global warming.” (Kump, 2011) Knowing what happened in the past can help us learn and stop what we are now doing to our planet as of right now.

“Aspects of the earth’s biosphere and human societies, and thus the most acute impacts of global warming are likely to be felt through changes in the hydrologic cycle. Of particular concern is the possibility that global warming causes the hydrologic cycle to accelerate, thereby increasing the intensity of both wet and dry extremes.” (Giorgi, et al., 2011) I do not have to say Global Warming is extremely bad for the planet as this hydrologic cycle is very important to our planet as this is “the movement of and storage of water between different spheres on the planet. At any point in time water may be stores in the oceans, in glaciers, ice and snow, as groundwater, in rivers, streams, lakes, ponds and wetlands and lastly as water vapor in the atmosphere” (Turk & Bensel, T., 2011) We humans and other animals species rely entirely on the fresh water supply and global warming will and is affecting that cycle. I you had to answer a question, How would you survive if fresh water no longer exists in a fresh state at least for us to be able to drink? I think the answer is nothing because we would be extinct.

Our ability to survive is higher than any other species on this planet we have an advanced technology that could actually help us use other forms of fuels in which are better and completely renewable which means if we use it can be replaced over and over again endlessly so our use of it is good for us and good for the planet. Many of the renewable resources are also clean although some are still very dangerous for use as they can be very unstable like for example nuclear power or hydrogen power. These are very abundant power sources but these can also do tremendous...
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