Global Culture

Topics: Culture, Globalization, Sociology Pages: 4 (987 words) Published: July 12, 2012
Globalization of culture has negative effects that result in the disintegration of local cultures and the loss of cultural diversity in the world.

Name: DENG Sili(Samuel)
Class: 5A EFS
Date: T9 2010

Cultural Globalization
Currently, cultural globalization has become a primary trend of development, because of the development of communication and technology; therefore culture can be easily communicated. With the development of cultural globalization, the negative consequences of globalization start to materialize. For example, numerous local cultures have been destroyed and the characteristics of cultures are disappearing. This essay will investigate whether cultural globalization brings about the disintegration of local cultures and destroys the different local culture, and will argue that cultural globalization brings excessive negative consequences such as the increasing of commercial value and the loss of cultural diversity, but it leads to the development of tourism and expresses cultural power, as well.

One of the most negative effects is that because of the cultural globalization, it is likely to increase the level of commercialization and ignore the families and relationship values. Firstly, with the development of globalization, every kind of advertising has been developed; moreover it is common to watch advertising every day. It has become a desire of globalization which can be seen everywhere in the world, therefore with a growing numbers of advertisements coming in the worldwide markets (Akande, 2002). The commercialization starts to become a primary value in the society. After that, the decreasing number of family and relationship values will result in excessive problems (Akande, 2002). For example, the former values could bring about numerous positive aspects for society, but now money is likely to be the top level. Although the economy may be developed, the rate of crime and many social problems will not be solved. In short,...
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