Topics: International trade, Economics, Globalization Pages: 3 (614 words) Published: June 21, 2013
Globalization means different things to different people and businesses. Globalization also has its winner and loser among developing and developed countries. A. As a consumer, what does globalization means to you? Examples?

As a consumer, globalization can be defined as an opportunity to the consumer to have many choices of goods and services plus may give a lower price and also can let us discoveries more about the culture and experience of other. Globalization can help consumer develop new market for their products in businesses. Other than that, globalization will let us have the availability to access the global labor force. For example without globalization, consumer might be uncovered to unsafe products, have difficulty with business that financially unhealthy, can by not purposely disagree with international law or indirectly support activities that will be deliberately fight against.

B. As a business entity, what does globalization means to you? Examples?

For business entity, globalization will involve with capital, human resource, marketing, entrepreneurship, business practice, laws, and taxation. Globalization for business means the innovation in the development of the product of the business that has given contribution to the users. For example in business, from small entity of business transfer or go further for the international trade than when the business enter the international market the interaction between the other countries will occurs therefore the globalization will happened.

C.How does developing countries benefit from globalization? Examples? 

Globalization can benefit the developing countries from three parts which is demand from the market, technology and better strategies. When there have international interactions especially when we try to promote our product to other countries and they satisfy with our product, we can gain more profits from it. So it will help the developing countries. From technology, when we...
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