GlaxoSmithKline SWOT Analysis

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GlaxoSmithKline SWOT Analysis
Offices in over 100 countries major research centres in the UK, USA, Belgium and China. One of the world’s leading research based Pharmaceutical and healthcare companies. High quality and respected Brand name across the world.

GSK works closely with the World Health Organisation in developing lifesaving vaccines such as the Ebola vaccine. They see their employees as their most important asset and recognise their achievements with both financial and non-financial reward packages which motivate employees to succeed. GSK protects the environment they have set ambitious goals to reduce carbon, water and waste across their value chain.

Research and development costs are extremely high.
Competition from competitors such as Pfizer developing similar better products than their own. The pharmaceutical sector has suffered numerous Patent expirations in recent years and GSK is struggling to grow sales as a result. Negative publicity in GSK in China as Ex-boss is found guilty of bribery related charges. Depend on Research and Development, research into certain projects with no guarantee of success.

Global penetration through mergers and acquisitions.
Developing countries, developing into the BRIC Economies.
There is an increasing demand for quality healthcare solutions for example the Ebola Vaccine. Improve online presence.
In recent years there has been an outbreak of new diseases such as Ebola and diseases like HIV have become more widespread so there is increased demand for treatments. Aging population across the world people are living longer so there is more demand for antibiotics and medications for older people. Threats

Economic slowdown in European markets, customers are now purchasing cheaper brands of the same drug. Government regulation is becoming more severe in recent years. More competitors are joining the market as patents expire.

Aging Board of Directors, the Chairman Sir...
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