Topics: Hanif Kureishi, Woman, Roger Michell Pages: 4 (1239 words) Published: March 15, 2011
“Girl” by Hanif Kureishi

The short story written by Hanif Kureishi portrays a typical love story, but with complex aspects. Hanif Kureishi is an English author, novelist and short-story writer. “Girl” was written in 1999.

It revolves about a young woman, Nicole, who is in a relationship with an older man, Majid. A classic cliché, young girl falls in love with older experienced man, and with that some questions and problems naturally will arise.

They are together, despite of Majid’s age and his role as a husband and father, which he gave up to be with the much younger Nicole. She is in a place in her life, where she has just begun to discover herself and the many opportunities of life, while Majid is midway in his life and serene. He is ready for a serious relationship, while Nicole hesitates. She refers to him as her “older lover” (p.1 l.2) instead of using the term “boyfriend,” which she finds very banal. Nicole might as well feel insecure about her relationship and Majid’s feelings towards her. He left his wife and children to stay with a “girl”. In Nicole he sees a girl, and not a grown up woman. Majid has the desire to control some of her actions and he is completely aware of the strong influence he has on his young lover. This fits perfectly with the fact that she might have the need of a father figure, which she lacked in her childhood.

He is well educated and very informed on literature.
Majid comments on Nicole’s higher education “You’ve been to university, but things must have changes since my day” (p.1 l.27). A confrontation based on Nicole’s lack of knowledge.

Nicole has not had an easy time growing up. Her father committed suicide when she was only ten, and ever since her mother has been unstable, drinking and having men rushing in and out of her life. Majid persuades her to visit her mother to “reconnect” with her, and he assures her that it will be easier facing her mother, because Nicole is stronger now that she is together with...
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