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Topics: Ocean, Oceanography, Deep sea Pages: 7 (4440 words) Published: October 28, 2014
Multiple Choice Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. ____1.A technique that uses sound waves to measure the depth of the ocean floor is a.dredging.b.sonar.c.SCUBA.d.weighted lines. ____2.Which of the following does NOT make studying the ocean floor difficult a.The ocean consists of salt water rather than fresh.b.The deep ocean is in total darkness.c.The water in the deep ocean is extremely cold.d.There is tremendous pressure in the deep ocean. ____3.A deep canyon in the ocean floor is called a(n) a.abyssal plain.b.seamount.c.trench.d.continental shelf. ____4.Sea-floor spreading occurs in places where two plates are a.converging.b.diverging.c.motionless.d.breaking the surface. ____5.Benthos are organisms that live a.on the surface of water.b.throughout the water column.c.on the ocean shallow water. ____6.Which of the following organisms is an example of nekton a.lobsterb.dolphinc.clamd.sea star ____7.Many organisms that live in the rocky intertidal zone are adapted to cling to the rocks to withstand the a.pounding of the waves.b.changes in salinity.c.periods of being underwater and exposed to air.d.changes in density. ____8.As ocean water in a tide pool warms and evaporates, the remaining water becomes a.cooler.b.saltier.c.calmer.d.darker. ____9.A coastal inlet or bay in which freshwater from rivers mixes with salty ocean water is called a(n) a.transition zone.b.abyssal plain.c.estuary.d.hydrothermal vent. ____10.Coastal wetlands that feature short, gnarled trees with arching prop roots are called a.mangrove forests.b.kelp forests.c.salt marshes.d.tide pools. ____11.The part of the ocean that extends from the low-tide line to the edge of the continental shelf is the a.neritic zone.c.intertidal zone.d.deep zone. ____12.Under which set of conditions would there be more giant kelps in a kelp forest a.more sea urchins and fewer sea sea ottersc.more sea otters and fewer sea urchinsd.fewer gray whales ____13.The only part of the open ocean that receives enough sunlight to support the growth of algae is a.the intertidal zone.b.around hydrothermal vents.c.the deep zone.d.the surface zone. ____14.The organisms that form the base of most open-ocean food webs are ____15.An area where ocean water rises through cracks in the ocean floor, having been heated by the magma beneath the ocean floor, is called a(n) a.tide pool.b.estuary.c.hydrothermal vent.d.atoll. ____16.The organisms that live around hydrothermal vents are supported by from sunlight.b.nutrients washed from the made by algae.d.chemical nutrients from Earths interior. ____17.Which of the following is a living resource from the ocean a.oilb.algaec.natural gasd.manganese nodules ____18.Most of the worlds major fisheries are found near a.hydrothermal vents.b.seamounts.c.coasts.d.abyssal plains. ____19.Most ocean pollution comes from a.below the surface.b.the air.c.the land.d.ocean organisms. ____20.The richest deposits of oil and natural gas are often located a.on the continental the deep the intertidal zone.d.inside trenches. ____21.Organisms in the deep ocean that produce their own light are called a.bioluminescent.b.neritic.c.benthic.d.hydrothermal. ____22.Which of the following features of the ocean floor forms where two plates diverge a.seamountb.trenchc.abyssal plaind.mid-ocean ridge ____23.A nearly flat region of the ocean floor, covered with thick layers of sediment, is called a(n) a.seamount.b.abyssal plain.c.continental slope.d.mid-ocean ridge. ____24.In what zone are hydrothermal vents located a.deep zoneb.surface zonec.neritic zoned.intertidal zone ____25.Hot liquid from Earths mantle is called a.magma.b.the crust.c.the plates.d.the core. ____26.Free-swimming animals that can move throughout the water column are called...
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