Ghosts of War Essay Moral Compass

Topics: September 11 attacks, Al-Qaeda, World Trade Center Pages: 4 (1320 words) Published: January 14, 2013
Results From A Moral Compass
Ryan Smithson, an average teenage kid living in East Greenbush, New York , attending Columbia High School. Ryan was your average teenage, punk not understanding life until the day his moral compass sets in. The conversation on page 5 shows the first time Ryan heard about 9/11. “ A plane crashed into the World Trade Center”

“What?”, says Ryan That sucks”, then the conversation picking back up and we talked about sex or drugs something equally as interesting. This textual evidence shows Ryan as the average teenager, this quote should be remembered because of Ryan’s life changed unbelievably due to the attacks. Ryan, in History class watched the attacks “ You guys are living history.” (pg. 6) , said the History teacher. Everyone watched in horror, abnormally silent, Ryan watching, unknowingly to become an American Soldier all due to these attacks.

Ryan Smithson’s moral compass had drastically change and has evolved from an average, no future, and punk teenager to an American Soldier, all due to the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the United States of America. Ryan had first heard of the attacks in daily teenage gossip at school but then witnessed the attacks on live television in history class. Everyone then realized the severity behind these tragedies, leaving not only the entire class shocked but the world. Ryan’s moral compass felt it was his “generation's responsibility.” (pg.14) to never let this happen again and make the antagonists pay. The witnessing of these attack had Ryan thinking of enlisting, but the real moment for him to decide to enlist was his visit to Ground Zero, in New York City. "I'd heard all about September 11th. But I didn't feel the weight of it until I saw the fence. I didn't know these people. They were not my friends or family. I had never met them. Their existence before that day meant nothing to me. But at that moment their existence meant everything to me." (pg 17). Ryan expresses the true meaning of...
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