Getty'sburg battle

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Gettysburg Battle
The Civil War took place in the years of 1861-1865 in the United States. The two sides that fought this war were the North and the South. The War that changed the United States as a whole and fought for the rights of the Union to better the nation was the Civil War. Slavery was one of the biggest causes of the war because the North and South had many disputes about whether slavery should be abolished or not. The union was in favor of having Free states so the idea of expanding slavery was unacceptable. Abraham Lincoln being elected as president created a nig controversy as well. President Lincoln was a Republican and he did not agree with the idea of expanding Slavery. This act was beneficial to the Unions and the Confederates were angered by it. The south said they would break away form the United States and create their own Constitution. The battle of Gettysburg was one of the many battles and campaigns that took place in the Civil war and it was also the turning point battle that changed the United States history.

The United States was looked at as one region to most other countries, but little did they know that the Unites States had split into two sides. Each side had their own presidents, generals, colors and nicknames. Jefferson Davis was the president of the south and the main generals were Stonewall Jackson and Robert Lee. The color that represented the south was grey and their nickname was the rebels. The Unions had Abraham Lincoln as their president and Ulysses Grant and Maj. General George G. Meade as the major generals. The Unions nickname was the Yankees and color was blue.

The Battle of Gettysburg was located in Adams Country, Pennsylvania from July 1 to July 3 of 1863. Since the South won the battle in Chancellors many battles were moving towards the Northern Boundary. The South became very confident in there win s the made a decision to attack Gettysburg. This battle backfired against the Confederates and about 60,000...
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