German Expressionism

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German Expressionism
There were two groups of German Expressionist movements. One was called Die Brucke (meaning "the bridge"), led by Kirchner. The other was called Der Blau Rieter ("the Blue Rider"), led by Kandinsky.

Die Brucke ("The Bridge")
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner 
(1880 - 1938)
|[pic] |[pic] |[pic] | |Self Portrait as a Soldier 1915 |Woman and Mirror 1912 |Two Women in the Street 1914 |

The beginning of Expressionism took place in Germany, around the time of the first World War. In 1912,Kirchner became the leader of a group of artists who called themselves "Die Brucke". He and the other artists sought to build a " bridge" between Germany's past and future. They felt that the art of the current establishment was too academic and refined to retain any degree of expression, so they instead found inspiration in medieval German art and primitive African sculpture. Additionally, they would find inspiration in the emotionally expressive works of Vincent Van Gogh and Edvard Munch. Since their primary concern was the expression of deeply felt emotions, they would also transform their negative feelings about the war onto canvas. Kirchner achieved some fame during his lifetime, and was fortunate to maintain a number of collectors for his paintings. With the beginnings of WWII, however, his work was denounced (as well as his compatriots) as "degenerate art", and confiscated from museums. He became increasingly depressed by the war and took his own life. Emil Nolde

|[pic] |[pic] | |Candle Dancers 1912 |The Prophet, woodblock print |


Der Blau Reiter ("The Blue Rider")...
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