Geothermal Energy

Topics: Geothermal power, Geothermal heat pump, Geothermal energy Pages: 3 (803 words) Published: November 30, 2005
Geothermal Energy
Right now our country and planet as a whole, is in an energy crisis. Our non-renewable resources are running out. Oil is at outrageous prices and our economy is suffering. The people of this planet need to start looking for an alternative energy source because our fossil fuels will not last forever. Geothermal energy is one of many different ways we can preserve our fossil fuels. Geothermal energy is better for the environment because it does not involve burning and can not hurt our ozone layer. It is also a renewable resource.

The definition of geothermal energy is in its name. Geo means earth and thermal means heat, so geothermal is the earth's natural heat (Geothermal Research Council). There are three different classifications of geothermal energy; low, moderate, and high temperatures. The low temperature energy is less than 194 degrees Fahrenheit; it is used for ground source heat pumps. Ground source is used to heat pumps at 40 degrees to 100 degrees. "The geothermal heat pump, also known as the ground source heat pump, is a highly efficient renewable energy technology that is gaining wide acceptance for both residential and commercial buildings. Geothermal heat pumps are used for space heating and cooling, as well as water heating. Its great advantage is that it works by concentrating naturally existing heat, rather than by producing heat through combustion of fossil fuels" (U.S. Department of Energy: Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy). (USDE)

Moderate temperatures range from 194 degrees to 302 degrees Fahrenheit; it is used more for direct heat which is basically heating water directly. With direct heat there is no need for heat pumps to heat your house. The temperature range for direct heat is 100 degrees to 300 degrees. Direct use puts out enough energy to heat 40,000 average sized houses (Geothermal Research Council). "Direct use of geothermal energy in homes and commercial operations is much less expensive...
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