Genetic Manipulation

Topics: DNA, Gene, Gregor Mendel Pages: 4 (1252 words) Published: July 21, 2008
Genetic Manipulation:
The Benefits of its Discovery

There have been more than 50 biotech foods that have been examined by the FDA and have been found to be as safe as conventional foods. These foods include canola oil, corn, papaya, potatoes, and tomatoes. But this is not the only field in which genetic manipulation has been used. Nonscientists tend to believe genetic manipulation is said to be “playing God” but it is a very beneficial science that changed the world.

To get a better understanding of genetic manipulation a person must be told of its history and be given a specific definition of genetics. One of the earliest experiments conducted was by an Austrian monk, Gregor Mendel. Mendel started undertaking an experiment by crossing the genetic make-up of Pea plants. Mendel crossed smooth yellow and wrinkly green peas together. Together, the peas created smooth yellows peas, which were found to be the dominant trait in the dominant parent. This concluded that smooth dominated wrinkly, and yellow dominated green, therefore, discovering dominant and recessive traits, which are the basic concepts for genetic engineering. A second scientist, known for his gruesome experiments, is Josef Mengele. He was a Nazi scientist who was nicknamed “Angel of Death.” One of Mengele’s experiments took place in a concentration camp called Auschwitz. His goal was to uncover a way to create Hitler’s pure race. In Auschwitz, he found a particular interest in Gypsy twins and experimented with their blood and contending to duplicate their DNA to produce a “pure” race. DNA is not only used the experiments of humans, but in the creation of foods.

One beneficial aspect of genetic manipulation is the creation of a different variety and better quality of foods. One very common food item that has been genetically engineered is a tomato. The process in which scientists go through to produce a genetically engineered tomato is very simple. Scientists recently discovered the gene...
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