Genetic Engineering Outline

Topics: DNA, Gregor Mendel, Biotechnology Pages: 2 (267 words) Published: April 13, 2013
Composition 1
April, 11th 2013
Genetic Engineering

Tentative Thesis:  Even though altering DNA can lead to such horrifying events as genocide or viral diseases, genetic engineering is an important scientific breakthrough because by altering DNA, we can cure many diseases and solve many of mankind's problems. 1. History of Genetic Engineering

A. What Led to the need for genetic engineering
a. Prehistoric Times-1900
B. Gregor Mandel
b. European botanist genetically altering plants

2. Modern Genetic Engineering

c. Watson & Krick
1. discover DNA
a. How it affected science
d. Herbert Boyer and Stanley Cohen
2. recombinant DNA
D. Government
e. Supreme Court
3. Diamond v. Chakrabarty
f. FDA
4. Approval of genetic engineered food
5. Field Testing
b. Tobacco
c. Tomatoes
g. International Bio-safety Protocol
E. Advancements & Achievements
h. Technology
i. Disease curing
j. World Hunger

3. Ethical Issues
F. Religious
k. Are we playing God?
G. Environmental
l. What’re the long term environmental effects
H. Bio Ethics
m. What if we make something we can’t control
n. Is it possible the technology may be used to create slaves? o. When does harmless engineering become tamperin with nature? I. Health
p. What’re the long term effects?
q. What’re the possible mental and physical effects? 4. Debate Against Genetic Engineering
J. Food
r. Hormones
s. Effect in children
6. Early development
K. Eugenics
L. Social inequalities
t. Gattaca

5. Conclusion
M. Summarize
u. The Good and The bad
N. Why we need Engineering...
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