Gender Inequality

Topics: Sociology, Sheryl Sandberg, Gender Pages: 3 (1099 words) Published: December 10, 2013
Gender Inequality

The world that we live in today easily is argued as being a better place for woman socially as well as in the labor force. Though it is easy to view the advancement of women in the work force at face value and understand it as progress, the idea of women still being view as subordinate, even in the 21st century, remains as part of our social ideology. In order to begin to remedy this truth we have to admit that this notion of women being viewed as ‘less valuable’ still remains; though many do not believe it to be true that women are subordinate to men by bypassing the fact that this dated ideology about women’s status dictate how they are treated as members of the work force still remains in turn creates results that continue to belittle the work that women produce. The previous statement was not intended to victimize women due to the present circumstances because the factors that are in play are numerous and not entirely one-sided. The intent of this essay is to discuss a few of the many pertinent obstacles that women face as members of the present work force and their causation.

The primary and early manifesting obstacle that women face is the negative social stigma that coincides with female successes. In a presentation by Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, she states, “we have to tell ourselves that we need to sit at the table, and that we have got the ‘A’.” Her statement is in reference to certain anecdotes of her presentation that deal with the idea of women and girls being brought up with a sense of self doubt that keeps them from succeeding. As a society we put more pressure boys to succeed than girls making it easier and even normal for women to drop out of the work force. Women that hold more successful and powerful careers are typically viewed with negative attributes and less attractive. This issue needs to be addressed at the elementary level literally. Within schools young girls should be encouraged just as often as boys are to...
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