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Topics: India, Gender, Poverty
Status of Women in India: Problems and Concerns
Internship Project
(December 2010 - January 2011)

Supported by Heinrich Boll Foundation, Germany

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1. INTRODUCTION Keeping in view the nature of activities undertaken by the CSSS, certain NGOs and educational institutions have urged the Centre to impart an intensive training to a select batch of youth/students in peace and conflict resolution aspects. This request has been based on the premise that a mere attendance at a training programme was not enough either to sensitise the youth to the realities or for them to acquire a deeper understanding of the issues, although such routine training programmes imparted knowledge about the need for establishing peace in the society or the status of women in the Indian society and the need to empower them. Agreeing with the request, the Centre has been organising month-long internship programmes to a selected batch of college students and other young social activists each year.
Selection of participants

About ten participants are chosen for the internship programme by inviting a list of interested candidates from the NGOs, colleges, and universities. Adopting a multidisciplinary approach, the internees are selected from different faculties like Social work, law, sociology etc. The internees (both boys and girls belonging to Hindu, Muslim and Christian communities) are required to stay together for the duration of the internship programme so as to enable the development of camaraderie among them, irrespective of their language and religion. Staying together for a month, the internees find enough time to discuss among themselves the problems associated with peace and communal harmony in their respective areas and discuss the

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