Topics: DNA, Gene, Genetics Pages: 2 (816 words) Published: August 24, 2013
The 1997 science fiction drama film Gattaca by Andrew Niccol illustrates a dystopian world condemning genetic engineering which plays a primary role in determining whether the human being will be genetically superior or genetically inferior. Niccol utilizes his ‘degenerate’ protagonist, Vincent, to highlight the flaws of a system which encourages predeterminism over ambition and discrimination over acceptance. A society is presented where love has no value and one’s genetic make-up is more important than their intelligence and physicality. One does not have to be genetically superior to succeed; talent only gets one so far. Due to genetic engineering everyone’s future is predetermined which restricts the individuals to have any motivation or pursue any dreams/goals. Niccol creates the character Eugene, who having “a genetic quotient second to none” still comes second on the podium. Eugene tried to commit suicide because of the burden of perfection that he suffered but he “couldn’t even get that right”. This indicates how there is a lack of motivation for the superior because they are under the assumption from birth that their ambition will inevitably come true. Also if a valids predetermined future does not occur, they begin to question themselves, and begin to believe they are worth nothing and should commit suicide. In contrast to Vincent, who has a dream and is determined to pursue his dream; he would die trying. This is shown in the third swimming race scene when Vincent “never saved anything for the swim back,” remarkably triumphs over Anton and has to rescue him from drowning. Discrimination in the real world is usually directed on gender, race or colour of one’s skin but in the stratified society of Gattaca, “discrimination is down to a science.” This is shown when at the start of the film there is a long shot with all the workers of Gattaca arriving and walking through double doors with their backs turned to us, implying that they could be anyone,...
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