Gandhian Principles

Topics: Gandhism, Sociology, Society Pages: 2 (611 words) Published: October 13, 2012
Gandhian” – the ism that germinated in Nineteenth century from the soils of a tiny field of Porebander in Gujarat - India is now sheltering almost every other ian in today’s world – the world which has totally revolutionized and changed manifolds since then and seen changing of many ians like weathers. Now to wander whether this Gandhian is of any importance in today’s World? is quite laughable. The chemistry of soils, the world’s physique and the shape of the continents has changed since then. The dynasties have emerged and vanished, the living have become extinct and new breeds have evolved but the Golden Principles of “Peace and Non-violence” preached by that lean & thin body with a strong soul – The Satyagrehi Bapu has not faded a shade. If at all anything has changed – Shape of the tyrant has changed, the struggle has changed, the war field has changed, the values have changed. If anything has remained unchanged, it is the simple but most strategic point of Gandhian, his values and his techniques.

Satya still holds enough respect in human society. People only respect who stay with truth. Even few people sack their integrity for midget prophits. Satya or truth is not valid in today's capitalist world.A business man cant speak all the time.Even our advertisement hide the reality and sell the fakeness.But mental satisfaction and guilt free life one need to stay with truth. Ahimsa or non violence is good till a point.But if you only bear the pain others giving you then its not justified. Principles of ghandhi ji are universal. Its just present human society more focusing on the showoff and money.But these priniples holds good good as well as bad times for humanity.

Nowadays dishonesty is fast spreading in the society. People are increasingly becoming dishonest. Traders resort to adulteration, hoarding, over changing and under weighing. People see nothing wrong in making false promises and breaking promises. Contractors...
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