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Topics: Time, Future, Present Pages: 3 (1106 words) Published: October 7, 2010
OUT WITH THE OLD AND IN WITH THE NEW: An Analysis of “Maria dos Prazeres” Maria dos Prazeres is the representation of every human being. Figuratively, she mirrors how people are scared of what they don’t know and so we try to do the best we can to control the circumstances in our favor. “Three months ago it had been revealed to her in a dream that she would die, and from that time on she had felt closer than ever to this child of solitude.” After that dream, the way on how she lived her life had completely changed. She tried to prepare for her own death and for whatever may happen to her. But the story is not only about the life of Maria; it is about life and people in general. The way in which Maria lived her life represents how we live ours. It shows the difference between living in the present versus living in the future and in the past. It is also about uncertainty and unsureness versus security and predictability. It also shows the opposition between the monotonous versus the spontaneous. In general, it is a story of the familiar versus the new. To elaborate on the first opposition, living in the present versus living in the future and in the past, Maria kept on looking back on her past and obsessing on her future. “Maria dos Prazeres saw that it was the complete plan of the immense cemetery of Montjuich, and she remembered with an ancient horror the graveyard in Manaus under the October rains…” She always remembers her past, and sometimes, she dwells on it too much. There are times that her past even influences her decisions and her goals. She is too idealistic and she wants to run away from her past and forget about it, but in doing so, she reminds herself even more of her experiences. On the other hand, after the incident with the dream, she became paranoid with her death. “She had anticipated the posthumous distribution of her belongings and the disposition of her body with so much care that she could have died at that moment without inconveniencing...
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