Topics: Teacher, Psychology, Education Pages: 2 (615 words) Published: January 18, 2013
Since few people seem to take an interest in art and even disagree what art is, we shouldn’t waste time on it in schools. How far do you agree with this statement? I do not agree that teaching art, drama and music are a waste of time this is because firstly it means that people who are not as good as some people at subjects like Maths and English, which are academic subjects, a chance to shine and show their fellow students and teachers than they can excel in something. This is good because everyone wants to feel like they can achieve well in a subject so by having art, drama and music as a subject it will mean that more people might discover that they are good at one of these subjects and even decide to pursue it further. Secondly I think that art, drama and music should be taught in schools is because it allows you to see the world from another perspective which is good as they might have interpreted what you are doing differently to you, for example if you were drawing a house they might draw a completely different house to you because that is how they would see a house, this sense of looking through another’s eyes is good because it means that you might spot something that you had not seen or that you would not have thought of but because you are looking at their work you can see it clearly. The third reason why I think that art, drama and music should be taught in schools as it gives people an outlet, like sport does for some people; this is good as it means that for some people drawing a picture helps them to relax. Another reason why I think art, drama and music should be taught in schools is because it means that you become more creative, this is because if the fact that in music you might be asked to produce a piece of music to present to the class, and obviously because we are all different and have different tastes they music which you produce will be a lot different to say your friends. Another reason why art, drama and music should be taught in...
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