Future Energy

Topics: Nuclear power, Electricity generation, World energy resources and consumption Pages: 4 (1340 words) Published: March 24, 2013
Future energy
Have you ever thought about the energy providing you electricity for your daily life that nuclear power could take you off from this world (it is not clear what you mean here)? What was your feeling when you watching news about the Fukushima nuclear crisis? What do you think when you see how victims of Chernobyl disaster live today? Good start – the questions are a very good way to get your reader's attention.) All of those issues are just because of one reason – the safety problem of nuclear power. The question is: Can we control it completely? This question is not only for some people or some groups; the /a specific government (or governments? as with your other essays on this topic, be clear about what you mean. Are you thinking about one specific government? Governments in general?) should consider their citizens and, even every single species living on this planet. Apparently, some countriesy could not dominate nuclear power so that tragedy was happened and severely affected on millions of people. For this reason, I think government (again, be clear – one specific government? Governments in general? should replace nuclear power by alternatives such as solar electrical energy ? Is this supposed to be here? generation and wind electric power generation. Sustainabilityle is the most important index for every type of energy resource. People argues that nuclear is the most sustainable energy resource they have. The fuel of nuclear power cost that uranium and plutonium is the precious metals in the nature (?It is not clear what you mean here). But people who support nuclear power seems to have ignored the fact that the storage of precious metals is very low; it has some day that exhaust from the Earth (awkward – perhaps “will some day be exhausted from the earth”?). People know that wind energy and solar energy all have been exploited (this is really the heart of your argument in this paragraph, but this part of the sentence is not clear. What do...
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