Funding Hezbollah

Topics: Terrorism, Crime, Hamas Pages: 4 (1256 words) Published: June 23, 2013
Funding Hezbollah
Intense investigations conducted by the U.S. intelligence community have in fact proven that the Hezbollah terrorist organization receives funding not only through criminal activity but also from other governments. Hezbollah operatives around the world are well funded in the form of money and weapons mainly through criminal activity such as, piracy, illegal narcotics, money laundering, and even through religious monetary donations. Hezbollah (Party of god) is a militant group as well as a political party based in Lebanon. Hezbollah’s best description comes from Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage and identified Hezbollah as "the A team of terrorism". This group has been linked to many terrorist attacks around the world such as the Beirut bombing of the American Embassy in 1983, the Beirut Barracks bombing also in 1983, the Israeli embassy attack in Argentina, and many other attacks around the world. Hezbollah has the ability to operate worldwide and can do so due to the financial support they receive. Funding for Hezbollah annually is estimated to be in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Hezbollah being both a militant group and a political party has an advantage among other terrorist organization in which it can receive funding not only through the criminal acts done by the militia but also from governments that Hezbollah works with. Criminal activity plays the biggest part in funding Hezbollah, piracy, drug and weapons trade, money laundering, and illegal monetary donations brings in an estimated annual amount of 20-30 million of the criminal activity comes from the United States alone. In the past and current time there has been an increase in violence on the U.S. / Mexican border, mainly from the drug and weapons trade conducted by the Mexican cartels. Over and over again these cartels are being killed and caught and still more and more take the leadership role and their business is never on a downfall, just like the terrorist...

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